The vision & The idea

The vision of the encyclopedia

This project aims to be an international reference in Islamic economy and Islamic banking. As it interested in all innovative and the latest stories all over the world in this domain. It also works to collect some of the Islamic Heritage that relate to Islamic economy which is expected to be a viable alternative to Capitalism.

The idea of this project (What new in this project):

1. The project is neither a forum, nor a site of an Islamic economist to view his thoughts or researches, nor a site of a particular university, institution, or different political parties.

But it is an encyclopedic website that enables the researchers to write and add their papers therein. It also makes this large electronic library available to all visitors from around the world, to keep well-informed about the variable subjects of the Islamic economics.

2. This Encyclopedia allows the visitors to add researches, studies, books, articles, audio files, lectures and video files.  Their adding considered as a charitable work.

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